Music K-5
Franklin Academy
Cooper City

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Need to find a good home for music related items? This is a list of donations that will be graciously accepted and incorporated into our music classes.

-Funcitoning Musical Instruments (upon approval)

-Broken Musical Instruments (upon approval)

-Music Equipment (microphones, tuners, metronomes, mallets, sticks, drum keys, etc.)

-Instrument Cases (upon approval)

-Stands (including stands for sheet music, instruments, microphones, drum hardware, cymbals, etc.)

-Music Books (for class music library)

-Sheet Music (for class music library)

-Audio Equipment (upon approval)

-Karaoke Machines (upon approval)

-Computer Speakers

-Vinyl Records (for class music library)

-Music DVD's (for class music library)

-Concert Tickets (upon approval)

-Additional Suggestions Accepted!


The following is a list of items that you can contribute to our music class in order to ensure a clean, safe, and visually pleasing learning environment.

-Paper Towels

-Tissue Boxes

-Hand Sanitizer (preferably pump dispenser)

-Hand Soap (preferably pump dispenser)

-Swiffer Duster & Refills

-Strong Magnets

-Small Plastic Storage Bins/Baskets

-Duct Tape

-Sticky Tack


-Floor Rugs/Mats


-Story of the Orchestra (Book)

-Emedia Music My Piano Software

-Any Music Related Story Books

-Additional Suggestions Accepted!


Thank You!